When You Want the Truth, Hire a Houston Private Investigator at Keys Investigations

Sometimes people are more than meets the eye. It could be a person at work or even your spouse. If you suspect them of betraying your trust, you will need evidence in order to get the law on your side. That is when you should hire a Houston private investigator. Keys Investigations has professional investigators in Houston who are trained, competent and skilled in the art of surveillance. We can address issues involving child custody, spousal infidelity, as well as corporate issues including:

- Worker comp claims
- Insurance fraud
- Non-compete issues
- Theft
And more

Keys Investigations is fully insured and licensed with the Texas Department of Public Safety (A15405). Combining excellence along with real world experience, a Houston private investigator at Keys Investigations will work hard on your case, keeping your involvement confidential while performing our duties with the utmost efficiency.

Our ability to effectively conduct an investigation without compromising its integrity is due in part to our “digital toolbox.” We use high-tech equipment that allows us to capture the moment without detection. With digital cameras along with video equipment we can provide that extra eye into a subject’s daily activities to see if their actions contradict their words.

You might need to know information concerning an ex-spouse in a child custody case. A Houston private investigator at Keys Investigations will get you the evidence and help secure a favorable outcome for you and your children. Or you might suspect your spouse is cheating on you. If they are, our private investigator in Houston can find out. Although such cases can be emotionally charged, it is better to know the truth rather than live in a lie. Rest assured that a Houston private investigator from Keys Investigations will handle infidelity investigations with sensitivity and understanding during the course of the investigation.

Keys Investigations also have many Data Services at our disposal that can find out information on just about anybody. We can also look into business activities, perform a license search, find criminal records, look for court records, select phone records and discover an individual’s assets.

Proper surveillance is something that should be left to the experts. A novice could expose themselves or others and permanently ruin a case. A Houston private investigator at Keys Investigations is guaranteed to have the right experience necessary to pull off a solid investigation. Darwin Keys, head of Keys Investigations, and his staff are well experienced in the field of investigations. We are also accredited by the BBB. To find out more information about having us conduct an investigation for you, call 832-274-2009 or email Darwin@keysinvestigations.com.

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Learn the Truth with a Houston Private Investigator from Keys Investigations

How well do you really know the people in your life? If you are an employer, you may not know your employees as well as you believe. You may not even know your spouse as well as you think you do. People can be very deceiving and often the only way to learn the truth is to hire a Houston private investigator. If you believe that you are the victim of employee theft or you think that your spouse is not being faithful it can be very frustrating. Learning the truth is the only way to put your mind at ease and end the frustration. Keys Investigations can help you to uncover the truth. We address issues such as child custody cases, infidelity, worker’s compensation claims, theft, non-compete issues and insurance fraud.

If you need to uncover the truth, our Houston private investigators are the best in the business. We are fully insured and are licensed with the Texas Department of Public Safety. We use a number of tools to uncover the truth and help you with your case. Our high-tech equipment allows us to capture the moment completely undetected. We use digital cameras as well as video equipment to give you proof of what you believe may be happening.

We can perform infidelity investigations without ever being seen. If you believe that your spouse is cheating on you, you simply will not be able to rest until you know for sure. We give you this surety and can provide you with information that will stand up in court if needed. Learning of a spouse’s infidelity is not something that is taken lightly but not knowing the truth will simply eat at you. We can get you the evidence that you need to prove your case in court. If your spouse is being unfaithful, we will find out and present you with rock-solid proof of the infidelity.

We also have a number of data services that will allow us to learn certain information. We can look into business activities and find criminal records, court records and a number of other services to help your case along. Through proper surveillance and years of experience, Keys Investigations can get you the proof that you need. When you are unsure of whether you really know someone, we can help you to know without a doubt. Feel free to continue to browse our website for more information or contact us at Keys Investigations today.

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