Surveillance is an art that is honed by countless hours of experience and years of building a skill set. Surveillance is the process where an investigator observes the normal daily activity of a “subject”. Video and still picture evidence is collected in a covert manner and is vital to most cases where a person’s behavior contradicts what they may say. An inexperienced investigator can ruin your ability to obtain the information you need. Many times an inexperienced company or investigator can damage your case beyond repair. Darwin and his staff have years of real world experience in the area of covert surveillance.


More than just an investigation company, our staff is able to sympathize with our clients in the domestic arena. When it comes to infidelity, sometimes not knowing what a partner is doing behind your back is the hardest part. While finding the truth may be devastating, it can also be a positive experience and a catalyst for healing and moving forward.

Child Custody

Whether it’s battling for custody or trying to change the terms of visitation, child custody issues can be the most emotionally trying for our clients. An effective surveillance campaign can provide the evidence you need to secure a favorable outcome for you and your children.

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