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Keys Investigations specializes in domestic and corporate surveillance. Domestic surveillance addresses issues like spousal infidelity and child custody. Corporate surveillance addresses issues with workers comp claims, insurance fraud, non-compete issues, theft as well as a host of other scenarios that can negatively effect a company’s bottom line. With a dedication to excellence and a wealth of real world experience, we know what tools to use and techniques to employ to uncover the answers to your vital questions. Keys Investigations is fully insured and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, License A15405. Our staff is committed to handling your situation with complete confidentiality with a special emphasis on efficiency.

Keys Investigations uses the latest technology and time tested surveillance techniques to bring the truth into focus. As a licenced investigations company, we have a large “digital toolbox” at our disposal. If you need the best ammunition for court or simply need to prove that your gut instincts are right, we can help.

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Houston Counts on Keys Investigations

When it comes to getting the truth, you need a qualified and experienced investigator. When in need of qualified private investigators, Houston counts on Keys Investigations. There may be a number of reasons why you would need a private investigator. If you feel that your spouse is being unfaithful, you think that an employee may be stealing from you or you have a child custody case that you are trying to win, hiring a qualified and experienced investigator can mean the difference between learning the truth and fighting in vain. Keys Investigations has private investigators that are experienced and skilled at learning the truth without being detected. 
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Hire an Investigator in Houston

Do you suspect your spouse is cheating on you? What about suspecting that your ex-spouse is endangering your child in a child custody case? Do you want to find out if your employees are stealing from you? If your answer is “Yes,” then hire an investigator in Houston at Keys Investigations today. With more than a decades’ worth of experience and the latest technological surveillance equipment at our disposal, we can find out the truth efficiently and without detection. We will provide you with the evidence necessary to satisfy all of the legal requirements to convince the court you are right. A detective in Houston with Keys Investigations will handle each and every case with professionalism and skill. 
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Private Investigator in Houston, TX

Finding out the truth can be difficult when you need evidence in either a child custody case, a corporate theft case or when there is spousal infidelity involved. However, with a private investigator in Houston, TX from Keys Investigations, discovering the truth can be made a lot easier. We have experienced investigators in Houston that are skilled and equipped with high-tech surveillance tools so they can conduct investigations without detection. Each case is handled with sensitivity and the utmost professionalism, so nothing gets compromised. The truth always sets you free. Find out the truth with Keys Investigations.  
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Will Find the Evidence

In order to win a court case involving child custody, theft, or spousal infidelity you will need irrefutable proof. Finding this evidence might be tough if you are on your own. However, a private investigator in Houston at Keys Investigation can uncover the evidence you need. We use the latest surveillance tools combined with skill and experience to conduct investigations. We are fully insured and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety (License #A15405). When we perform investigations, they are done with proficiency and we never compromise your confidentiality. A Houston private investigator at Keys Investigations is always focused on finding out the truth. If you need to know what is going on, talk to our investigators today.  
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Private Investigation - Court Cases

If you take someone to court, most likely you will be stuck with the burden of proof for their wrongdoing. To get the evidence you need, hire a professional Houston private investigator from Keys Investigations. We help people in all sorts of situations such as child custody cases, infidelity investigations, corporate theft, insurance fraud, workers comp claims, non-compete issues and more. We have a sophisticated “digital toolbox” with state-of-the-art surveillance tools that help us conduct investigations without being detected. Plus, the experience we have gained over the years is equally as effective in helping us find out the truth. Get the evidence you need with Keys Investigations.  
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