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When you need evidence to build up your side of a case, hiring the services of a private investigator in Houston, TX is your best bet. The professionals at Keys Investigations are well-schooled on how to go about obtaining evidence using top-notch equipment combined with years of experience. You might need a private investigator in Houston, TX to help gather information on your ex-spouse in a child custody case. Or maybe you suspect your spouse of infidelity. Perhaps you are a business owner and need to know if your employees are stealing or exaggerating a personal injury claim. Keys Investigations is insured and licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety and has an A15405 License. We can find out the truth with complete confidentiality and without compromising your trust.

Infidelity is an unfortunate common occurrence in society. In a relationship, it is important to know the truth. If you suspect your partner of infidelity, a private investigator in Houston, TX with Keys Investigations can help by conducting infidelity investigations. We do more than just investigate these types of cases. Our investigators in Houston sympathize with the client because we understand the sensitive nature that comes with it. However, you need to know the truth so you can move forward with your life.

Keys Investigations also understands the sensitivity involved with child custody cases. You might suspect your ex-spouse of abusing your child or living with someone who abuses them. With our sophisticated surveillance tools, a private investigator in Houston, TX can implement a surveillance campaign that will tell you the truth. Then you will have solid evidence to get litigation support in Houston and get your child out of a bad situation.

A private investigator in Houston, TX with Keys Investigations can also use countermeasures to debug your home or office. If you suspect a competitor or an individual of using bugs, eavesdropping devices or even a GPS to spy on you, Keys Investigations can help you protect your privacy to uncover these electronic contraptions that breach your privacy and could even cause monetary loss.

Keys Investigations has a staff with years of experience in the art of surveillance. If you decide to hire a private investigator in Houston, TX from our company, you are placing your trust in good hands. We work hard to find out the truth and utilize the utmost professionalism and state-of-the-art equipment to accomplish the goal. Contact our offices today for more information at 832-274-2009 or you can email Darwin@keysinvestigations.com.

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