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Do you know what your partners does while you are out of view? Trust is a very important thing in a relationship and you need to know if the person who says “I love you” really means it or are they just playing games. Keys Investigations has conducted many surveillance campaigns on persons suspected of infidelity. Investigations conducted by Keys Investigations can uncover infidelity using expertise, skill and the latest technological tools that will prevent detection.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience, the investigators in Houston at Keys Investigations have the ability to find out if your significant other is spending their free time with another person. Finding out the truth can be a painful experience when it comes to infidelity investigations. However, it is important to know the truth so you can get on with your life and find the right person who will stay faithful to you. We handle infidelity investigations with a degree of sensitivity and understanding. When you hire an investigator in Houston from Keys Investigations for infidelity investigations, we are more than just a hired hand. We are sympathetic and provide support during this difficult time.

If you decide to take your partner to court for divorce or any other sort of proceedings, you will need evidence to support your claim of infidelity. Our investigations will arm you with everything you will need to prove your side. With high-quality photographs and videos, Keys Investigations will supply you with the proof to show that your partner was cheating on you. They will literally have nowhere to hide once confronted with the irrefutable evidence that they were cheating. The stronger your case, the stronger chance you have of making sure you get fair compensation in the aftermath of infidelity investigations.

A Houston private investigator at Keys Investigations always handle infidelity investigations in an appropriate manner. We also avoid detection so your confidentiality is never compromised. We have sophisticated equipment plus experience in dealing with cases of this nature. Our ability to conduct proper infidelity investigations have proven to be effective for many clients who needed to know the truth about their spouse. It is unfortunate that you might need a detective in Houston to investigate your spouse on suspicion of infidelity. But when it is necessary, Keys Investigations will do the job.

If you need someone to assist you with infidelity investigations, call Keys Investigations. We will find out if your partner is faithful or not. For more information, call us at 832-274-2009 or email

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