Need Surveillance in Houston? The Houston Private Investigators at Keys Investigations Can Assist You

Conducting surveillance on a subject is probably the best way to gather the evidence needed to prove a case. A court will not just take your word for it – they want the proof. Although evidence of this nature may be difficult to obtain, there is good news for residents of Houston. The private investigators at Keys Investigations can conduct surveillance using technologically advanced equipment combined with first-class expertise. We specialize in both domestic and corporate surveillance, so we are able to offer flexible services. It does not matter what the dynamics are, we can provide proficient investigations complete with integrity, confidentiality and efficiency.

As a fully licensed and insured private investigation company (A15405 License) with the Texas Department of Public Safety, Keys Investigations will handle each and every case with the utmost professionalism. We will also avoid detection so you are not compromised. Our Houston private investigators use sophisticated equipment that can make a viewable record of the subject as they go through their daily activities. If they do something that provides proof to support your case, it will be captured by Keys Investigations. Our record is a testament to how we take care of business. The investigators in Houston at Keys Investigations have handled several high-profile, multi-million dollar cases in the past and have changed their outcomes as a result of our investigations.

Some of the cases we take on include infidelity investigations. Many times, clients come to us needing to find out if their significant other is cheating in them. Our Houston private investigators will handle the case in a sensitive manner and let you know what your partner is doing behind your back. Although it may hurt to know the truth, it is better to find out and move forward with your life rather than continue to live a lie. Another type of case that involves sensitivity are child custody cases. We will find out if your ex-spouse is abusing your child or subjecting them to an abusive partner.

We also help with corporate cases involving workers comp claims, theft, insurance fraud, and non-compete issues. You might need to know if your employee is really injured or trying to rip off the insurance companies. Or you might have suspicions that an employee is stealing from you. A detective in Houston at Keys Investigations will discover answers and help build up you case.

If you need surveillance on someone and live in Houston, get private investigators at Keys Investigations to assist you. For more information, give us a call at 832-274-2009 or email

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